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This is a LIVE course not a generic recording so you can ask questions and get answers relating to your own business.

Attend our courses and receive Real-World No-Nonsense business startup and scaling advice from Henry Fitzsimmons. 
Henry brings over 30 years business experience to this course and in this time has created over 10 of his own National and International startup business from scratch generating millions in turnover and profit, plus helped countless others achieve their own business goals.


"You will come away from this course with a business ready to launch. A business which has been built on real world proven strategies, strategies which i have used to create my own startups which i turned into 7 figure businesses."

Our 5 Week Business Startup Course will provide you with invaluable information on how to:

  1. Find and validate a business. Ensure that before you start your business and waste €1,000’s and weeks or months of your time that you have a willing audience happy to buy what you are offering whether that is a service or product.
  2. Create content which will be used to get your message across to your customers in a clear and precise way.  Do this wrong and your sales will be poor at best. 
  3. We will then move onto how to target your ideal customers through setting up your own Facebook, Instagram,  Google Ads and YouTube campaigns. Here you will learn how to re-target all the way down the funnel and clearly see how powerful this is in your own business.
  4. The whole 5 week course is based on our Customer Value Path workshop. This same Customer Value Path is sold in the States for between $8-$12,000…..Unbelievable But True! The Customer Value Path will clearly show you where you have blockages in your business and how to clear these plus opportunities which you are currently missing which you can maximise.

This is a step by step – All you need to know course for entrepreneurs. I Invite You To Start And Grow Your Business With Us.

Course Content

Day 1: Business Startup Mastery.
How To Find And Validate Startup Ideas.

We’ll be covering:

  • How to find a business opportunity.
  • Your business idea is where it all starts. Is it good?
  • We will validate the success potential of your idea.
  • We will Brainstorm using the Lean Canvas.
  • You will learn why you need a Minimal Viable Product and how to create one.
  • We will decide upon the correct digital marketing channels to find your ideal customer.
  • This is Also a great exercise to go through for those with existing businesses

Day 2: Content Marketing And The Rapid Growth Workshop

  We’ll be covering:

  • The Content Marketing Method, Why It Is So Important and how to implement it.
  • Content Marketing words and phrases.
  • Content Marketing Metrics.
  • Content Marketing Roles.
  • Content Marketing Lead magnets and Funnels and how to build them.
  • Transformational Sales Techniques.
  • Why Businesses sometimes do not grow as fast as they should, And The Solution.
  • We will show you how to implement the customer value path for your business. (This is sold alone in the states for between $8-$12,000)
  • The Customer Value Path gives you a step-By-Step process for attracting, converting, and keeping your best customers.
  • The information in this course will Also help you design ads for your marketing Campaigns.

Day 3: Facebook For Business. The Most Thorough 1 Day Facebook Marketing Course Available Anywhere

Hands on training where you will leave with a fully functioning Facebook campaign ready for launch.

  We’ll be covering:

  • Getting Started with Facebook
  • Understanding Campaign Structure
  • Placement, Bidding and Budget
  • Tracking and Campaign Launch
  • Retargeting and the Facebook Pixel
  • Lookalike Audiences.
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Scaling Both Horizontally and Vertically

Day 4: Instagram For Business. The Most Thorough 1 Day Instagram For Business Course Available Anywhere.

Hands on training where you will leave with a fully functioning Instagram Business Page ready for launch.

We’ll be covering:

  • Setting Up A Business Profile On Instagram
  • Identifying Your Goals and Objectives
  • Finding Your Target Instagram Audience
  • Optimise Your Instagram Profile
  • What You Should Focus On
  • Instagram Stories for Business
  • Instagram Live Video Replays
  • How to Get More Instagram Followers
  • Plus Much Much More

Day 5: Google Ads And YouTube. The Most Through 1 Day Google Ads Course Available Anywhere.

Hands on training where you will leave with fully set up Google Ads and YouTube Business accounts ready for launch.

We’ll be covering:

  • Setup Your First Ad Group and Write New Ads.
  • Setup a Landing Page That Converts.
  • What Bidding Method is Best?
  • Create Custom Audiences.
  • Reduce Costs and Improve Performance Over Time.
  • What Metrics To Focus on.
  • Set Up your YouTube Ads Campaign.
  • Define the Target Audience For Your YouTube Campaign.

I Can Help You Grow Your Business

Business Experience:

  • I have Genuinely built 5 separate seven figure National and International businesses of my own all in different industries!
  • I have travelled to Asia on many different occasions where I visited well over 100 manufacturing plants, making deals and then importing 40ft containers of products, successfully supplying these same products worldwide via website’s built and marketed by myself.
  • Took an idea from start-up with no sales and no brand recognition to a business with sales throughout Europe and North America of €34,000 per week (net profit 29%) inside 10 months.
  • Spent millions on marketing my own businesses including digital/online, national radio, newspaper and roadside billboards, working out 1st hand what does and what does not work.
  • Being asked by Google and then spending the day with them at their headquarters in Dublin so they could understand my strategy, a strategy which resulted in week on week sales of €70,000 for one of my businesses.
  • Opening a speech and language therapy clinic where we were able to employ a fully qualified speech and language therapist and offer free therapy to children who were experiencing difficulty in this area.
  • Being a certified trainer and partner with one of the world’s leading Digital Marketing companies.
  • Turning my hobby into one of the world’s largest residential dog training companies supplying trained dogs to Europe, North America and Asia employing 20+ staff.
  • Building the largest fireplace business in Ireland. Opening the 2 largest showrooms in the country, travelling to and importing fireplaces from China and employing a team of 16 staff inside 18 months.
  • Being accepted onto and passing as a certified professional business coach by North Americas leading business coaching company.

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5 Day Business Start Up Course

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